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Our bitcoin trading platform- How Does It Work?

First, I would like to walk you through the way this website works. There are two ways this

website is organised to work:


  1. -Screen and select the best brokers to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin so to save you time

  2. -Create an easy-to-follow and professional trading course for cryptocurrencies

How It Will Benefit You?


That is the short answer.

The long answer is that our website will help you in two ways: Select a trusted and tested broker for cryptocurrencies and learn how to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at the same time. Since we are true believers of out-delivering, we have found a way to deliver both of those things to you for FREE!

Check the Broker Selection

Check the Bitcoin Trading Course

Or learn how you can get the Professional Trading Course for Free


The Idea, or maybe the IDEAS in more details…

In the beginning, it all starts from a simple idea. I was looking for a website comparing brokers in an objective and consistent way and could not find a single one out there. That is when the idea about this crypto platform struck me. My main goal was to create a user-friendly website that helps bitcoin and other crypto traders in a couple of ways:

  • Provides a fair and objective comparison of brokers that offer cryptocurrencies (hence the name- Best Online Bitcoin Brokers)
  • Shares with our trading knowledge that our team has gained over the past years and try to save costly mistakes to both beginner and more advanced traders


In order to achieve my goal, I have been through a few phases. Before the goals, I needed to gather the right team for the job. I did just as the saying goes- “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you” and set myself on the road to hard work…


About our team:


bitcoin trading platform


The team I gathered includes a total of 25 years of trading experience on the Cryptocurrencies, FOREX and Commodities markets. In our team we have a trader who has traded in a few leading prop trading houses in London, a Hedge Fund Quant and a Bitcoin Expert. Our collective experience is what separates us from the rest and our passion for helping other new traders and bitcoin enthusiasts is what pushes us forward every day!


Why we decided to compare brokers?


The idea came when we saw a few of our close friends lose money because of unfair practices due to a wrong broker selection. Although we cannot guarantee that this won’t happen with any broker that we list on our website, we feel very confident that we compare only the best brokers out there. If somebody is ever giving you guarantees, you should turn on your skeptical mode!

Why do we believe our selection of brokers compares the best cryptocurrency brokers?

We do personally contact and research each of the brokers we list on our website. We work with mostly FCA regulated brokers and are constantly checking the latest developments in this field, so we can accurately give you the best and most objective selection of crypto/bitcoin brokers. We would only list brokers on our website that we truly believe in and we would use ourselves.


The Realization- Our First Idea and Why You Will Benefit From Our Service


bitcoin trading platform


The idea about helping people to learn how to trade with bitcoins was born in the summer of 2017. I have come up with a sketch that initially looked something like that:


bitcoin trading platform

It all started from that sketchbook … I’ve decided that in order to accomplish such a task, I will need to get a team of experts. After a couple of months, we were three partners on-board.


After a few tweaks and modifications, we have managed to create a website that looked more sleek and professional. The design of our next version of the website looked like that:

bitcoin trading platform


As we’ve gained more trust and popularity online, we have decided to give back to the community and improve our design even more. We have finalised our website and it now looks like the way you see it:


bitcoin trading platform


We have worked hard day and night to provide the best crypto comparison service out there. We believe that the result is visible. The best thing is that it all started from an idea, a basket of good intentions and a single sketch…


The Second Idea- Trade With Bitcoins or The Bitcoin Trading Course


bitcoin trading platform

The second idea was to share our trading expertise with our followers. That is how we came up with the idea of creating a trading course (The Unicorn System). Trading with bitcoin has gained popularity in recent years, but there are almost no educational providers that offer a professional trading course. With our professional trading programme for bitcoin traders we have filled this gap. We are proud to be the first company online to have created a trading course for retail traders. You can check it out by following this link: Learn to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 


What makes this course so special?

We will leave our students to be the judges of our crypto trading course. We believe that testimonials speak louder than empty promises, therefore you should feel free to check online forums or other channels of information from which you can ask other bitcoin/crypto traders that have already taken our professional course. We also trust that our trading knowledge will help you become better traders so much, that we have a 30-days money back guarantee option.


The Latest Development…

We have recently decided to make the trading course even more affordable. For all of the crypto/bitcoin enthusiasts that want to learn how to trade the way we trade, we offer the course for free once they open a trading account with any of our partnering brokers. We want to be completely fair with you on that. We are still being paid for the course. The cost of the course will be covered by our partners, since a lot of beginners cannot afford to pay for a course and open a trading account. Although, we are trying to keep this cost as low as possible, we need to cover our expenses for running this website, paying the team behind it, etc. Therefore, if you are in a situation in which you are wondering between taking our trading course or opening a trading account- we can offer you both for the same initial investment. Just open a trading account with any of our partners and fund it with the amount that you initially wanted to start trading with. Instead of paying us for the trading course, send us a proof of deposit and you get our course for free. 


Why are we doing that? Why this process works so great?


That is the best word that explains why this process works.

Our team is extremely motivated to help bitcoin traders in such a difficult field in any possible way. We are grateful that we’ve had the chance ourselves to be where we are now.

Why this process works?

It works, because we have found a solution for traders who don’t know how to choose a good broker or cannot afford to pay for a bitcoin trading course. The desire of our partnering brokers to cover your fees for the professional trading course is another proof that they are the right bitcoin providers you want to trade with. So logical, isn’t it!


Compare the brokers-> Open Your Trading Account-> Receive Our PRO Trading Course for Free



What Comes Next? How Can You Help?

After almost one year of hard work we can finally say that we have accomplished what we aimed for. Helping others has always been the major goal my team and I have had. We are constantly looking for other traders’ opinions and looking for more reliable brokers to add to our list. If you want to help us, make sure you give us your suggestions and share your thoughts. If you truly believe in a broker that you have tested yourselves and which we have omitted, help other traders by e-mailing us, so we can add it to our list. We will of course do our due diligence and if the broker ticks all our boxes, we will share the word with the community. Let’s help each other and improve together!


Trade with bitcoin

Has the time for you to trade with crypto come already? Let us know if you have any questions, so we can help you. Our e-mail is:


We are always up for a chat. Always!


Yours Sincerely,

Best Bitcoin Brokers Team


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