Are you a broker?+
How do you choose the brokers you list on your website?+
Is your broker comparison service free?+
Do I pay for your professional course if I open a Live trading account with one of the brokers from your website? +
Which broker do you use to analyse price action? +
How can I get a refund if I bought the professional trading course? +
Why we should choose a broker through your website and not on our own? +
Do you recommend any particular broker? +
How do I know that you are genuine?+
What are the steps to get your course for free?+
Will I need to pay for the course if I don’t open an account with any of the brokers listed?+
Is there a way that I can get the course for free and still choose my own broker that is not listed on your website?+
How can I open an account with your partners?+
What languages do you offer support?+
Can I choose any broker from the list and still get your professional crypto trading course for free?+